Automatic doors for energy savings and efficiency

How can I improve the energy savings and efficiency of pedestrian doors?

Dear Customer:

We are contacting you to inform you of the direct repercussions for our sector of the Royal Decree Law 14/2022 of August 1, regarding energy saving and efficiency: "It also establishes that these buildings must have devices that measure the temperature conditions, and the obligation of door closing systems to avoid the energy waste that would result if they were kept open. Title VI, Paragraph 5).

In MEDVA, we have in STOCK, all the systems for sliding and pedestrian swing doors, with 100% European manufacture. You have at your disposal our Commercial, Technical and Logistic Departments. We will collaborate together so that you can help your customers to comply with this new legislation before September 30, 2.022. Deadline stipulated by the Government.

energy savings and efficiency



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