MEDVA: We are Manufacturers

Leading company in the Spanish and European market in the design and manufacture of garage door operators.

25 years of experience in the manufacture of hydraulic power units have consolidated MEDVA as a benchmark company in the automatism and door automation sector.

You can also find a wide range of accessories for automated gates: dampers, electronics, signalling, resistive strips, optics, radars, locks and latches.

During these years MEDVA has always worked to be at the forefront in the manufacture of automatisms and motors for doors, introducing in the market reference products as is the case of its automatic pedestrian guide "Mag·net".


Safety - CONTROLGIR-30

CONTROLGIR-30 New hydraulic damper for speed control on sliding doors with unevenness. ➡ With this new design we reach up to 30Nm ➡ Torque control

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MEDVA and its 3 keys

All our products and services are based on 3 key steps

We work with the client

We advise and work with each of our clients to offer them the most suitable product for their project

We assure our quality

Medva guarantees that the products offered comply with current regulations and have a long service life.

After-sales delivery

We offer an after-sales service with the possibility of contacting our technical department for possible doubts.

Companies, communities of neighbours, factories, estates, private homes... All these buildings have one thing in common: the automation of their access doors to facilitate entry and exit to their facilities.

At Medva we design and manufacture all the necessary elements to automate your gates and/or control access to your properties. We have automation solutions for all types of gates; up-and-over, swing, sliding, telescopic sliding, sectional, roll-up, pedestrian sliding, bollards, barriers...etc. But we do not only work in the automation of gates, we also ensure that the installations have the optimum security for all those users who interact with or are in the vicinity of the gate. We supply technicians with safety edges (optical or resistive), detectors, photocells, signalling accessories and hydraulic dampers.

We have been in the sector for more than 25 years, which allows us to develop our activity within a framework of seriousness and security. Thus, we can offer our customers guarantees and avant-garde in the development of the best motors and automatisms for doors.

Our aim is to remain at the forefront of innovation and with a constant spirit of improvement. Thanks to this, we have been able to develop and introduce new products on the market, such as the automatic pedestrian doors Mag·net. Like the rest of the articles in our catalogue, they are made with high quality materials.

Types of automatic doors

There are different models of doors and motors on the market, perfect for garages with automatic opening. The fact is that the needs of each customer and their circumstances (companies, communities of owners, single-family homes, estates...) are not always the same. Each person and place requires one type of automation or another.

This solution is very convenient, as you do not have to get out of the vehicle to open the door manually. But this is not the only thing, it also offers greater security for buildings and users. There are areas where it is not safe to get out or leave the vehicle running to open the door, or even in busy areas it is not easy to stop the traffic to open your garage door.

Therefore, depending on the type of gate you have at the entrance to your property, we will recommend the best gate motors. This way, you will be able to enjoy all their advantages.

Overhead doors

This name derives from the way they open, as they swing from a vertical to a horizontal position. As you will have seen on many occasions, automatic up-and-over doors are one of the most popular in Spain in homes, businesses and residential areas.

The low price, versatility and simplicity of this type of entrances allow for a wide variety of finishes. In addition, you can choose between single and double-leaf doors. The former are usually the favourite in garages and the latter in industrial complexes.

Their sliding is very silent and they adapt perfectly to almost any automation system. At Medva we have all the accessories for the automation of up-and-over doors, BASIC spare parts, door hardware, hydraulic opening... Ask us for what you need and we will be delighted to provide it.

Swing Gate

If you have a Swing Gate door without automatisms, you already know that you have to push inwards to open and pull the other way round to close. And if you don't have one, you've probably seen them installed in places such as rural houses, residential areas, garages...

These types of entrances can make your life easier, as they can be automated by means of arms or pistons. Thanks to them, both your comfort and that of the other people using the passageway will be increased.

At Medva we have all types of swing door operators: swing motors, hydraulic HLR, hydraulic ECO or PW and PA Powertech range. Everything you need, you have it at your fingertips.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are characterised by their openness, as they slide on a rail in a horizontal plane and parallel to the floor. Business premises, estates, buildings and residential areas are places where they are frequently installed.

Those with an automatic opening system are an excellent choice in terms of quality, safety, convenience and durability. If you are looking for quality and long-lasting spare parts for automatic sliding doors, you can count on us. We have racks, telescopic guides and electromechanical motors for sliding doors such as Gama PL Powertech, Apollo, Eliot or Mars.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are perfect for incorporating automated opening solutions. These doors open vertically and inwards, so that they are parallel to the ceiling. This saves valuable space.

It is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and modern options for optimising the entry and exit of vehicles at home or in a company. company. In addition, this type of access has another advantage to take into account: a good panel offers good thermal and acoustic insulation . thermal and acoustic insulation..


Regarding operators and spare parts for sectional doors, we have Thor/Indus, Gearbox, PG Powertech range. All our components are of the highest quality and designed for long life.

Rolling doors

Do you prefer roller shutters? In this case you should know that they require the best motors incorporating the latest technology to guarantee their automation. These doors have a vertical opening that is rolled up at the top of the opening.

You will find automatic roll-up doors at entrances to rural estates, industrial warehouses, garages and commercial premises, among other places. And as you can see, having an automation system in this type of doors makes them more practical.

If you need to replace the Easy roller shutter motor or new inverters inverters, you can count on us. The quality and guarantee of our equipment speaks for itself.

Other products for gate automation solutions

The professionalism of our research and development teams is based on many years of experience in door operators. This is what enables us to offer our customers not only the best solutions, but also the best quality solutions.

We always use materials of guaranteed quality to facilitate the task of our customers. For this reason, in addition to hydraulic motors and other accessories necessary to automate a door, we also have other products available.

Barriers, bollards and car park guards

When vehicle access control needs to be installed, automatic entrance barriers are one of the preferred solutions. They consist of a movable bar that is supported by a fixed structure.

Automated barrier systems have several advantages, including the fact that they do not require a lot of maintenance or cleaning. They also offer an innovative feel and make it easier to enter or exit certain buildings, as manual barriers are much slower and create more congestion.

Whether you want to install or are looking for any type of spare part for automated barrier systems, please contact us.

Locks and Bolts

Garage door locks usually offer a certain level of security, although not all of them do so to the same degree. What does it depend on? In the end, the type of door you have installed will determine the type of lock you can fit. For example, a lock for a door Swing Gate is not the same as a lock for a sliding door or Overhead Door.

If you need to buy electric or hydraulic locks for your automatic garage door, double leaf latches, etc. contact us.

Shock absorbers and brakes

Do you want extra security for your sliding door? If so, buy our linear dampers, radial dampers or brakes. They will be very useful for fire sliding doors or sliding doors with an unevenness.


In our catalogue you will also find different electronic components to install any type of door automation system.

Antennas, access controls, 24V panels, three-phase panels, outdoor or indoor receivers, transmitters and transmitter management, among many other products that can customise your automated gate opening and closing requirements.

Safety and signalling

If you want to install door operators but you do not want the safety or signalling to be deficient and could cause accidents or put people or animals at risk, you are in the right place. In our product catalogue you will find photocells, lamps and traffic lights, limit switches, parachutes, anti-pinch rubbers, safety strips, both resistive and optical, safety cameras, switches, flashings...etc.

Working with Medva means working with guaranteed quality. We are committed to the needs of our customers and we offer them the most appropriate solutions when installing the best automations and motors for gates.

Roller Doors


Safety and Signaling

Locks and Bolts